Your last headphones ever

A radically better listening experience, with a revolutionary lifetime service guarantee

Superb audio, unrivaled service

You know what sucks? Having to buy new headphones (again) because one small part can’t be repaired. And your old ones? Either incinerated or dumped in a landfill…

We’re here to help you break this cycle. Gerrard Street headphones deliver unparalleled sound quality in a revolutionary modular design, with free repairs forever. Because music lovers deserve better.

Subscribe or buy. It’s your choice.

Choose between a truly flexible monthly subscription or a one-time purchase. Either way, repairs will be free, forever.

€ 325

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€ 17,50 /month

Wireless and noise-cancelling

€ 199

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€ 12,50 /month



€ 149

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€ 9,99 /month


Want to get down to the nitty gritty? Compare the specs side-by-side.

The deepest, lushest sounds you’ve ever heard

Our headphones combine ultra high-resolution audio playback with meticulously tuned acoustics. In plain English, that means breathtakingly deep bass, a warm and rich midrange, and oh-so crisp highs.

Free repairs forever

How, you ask? Our headphones are 100% modular, so damaged parts can be replaced independently of the rest. New parts are always free, and slide right through your letterbox.


Order a new part free of charge

Dropped your headphones? It happens. Ear cushions a little worn? No stress. Simply log in to your account and order a replacement part for free.


You’ll get it the next day

Your new part will arrive the following working day. That’s usually less than a 24-hour wait.


Replace the damaged part

Switch out the damaged part for the new one. Our headphones are made to be easily disassembled (it’s actually quite fun) but if you need help, just get in touch.


Send it back to us

You’ll find a prepaid envelope along with the new part, so you can send the damaged part back to us free of charge.


Old part, meet your new home

The damaged part is checked to see if it can be lovingly repaired and reused in a new pair of headphones. If not, the materials are recycled.


It sounds too good to be true, right? And yet it is. You can always order new parts for free. All you need to do is send the broken part back (for free).

Gerrard Street headphones are built to last. If something breaks or gets worn dorn, their modular design means individual parts can be easily replaced rather than having to throw away the whole thing. Even better, most parts can be repaired and reused in new headphones.

Well, with a monthly subscription you have the flexibility to change or return your headphones whenever you want. You only pay as long as you use them. Plus free repairs for as long as you subscribe.

If you buy a pair of headphones, they’re yours forever (obviously) and you’ll get free repairs, well, forever. Either way, we’ve got your back. So you can listen in peace, safe in the knowledge that you’ll always have a pair of working headphones.

Every purchase, whether you buy or subscribe, comes with a 30-day free trial period. If you change your mind for whatever reason, just send them back to us. Oh, and if you do subscribe, you can cancel at any time. No fixed contracts, no lengthy cancellation periods.

Great question. You can compare each model’s features and specs in detail  

Yes, but only with a monthly subscription. Just log in to your account, pick your model, and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s just a matter of finding out, and there are a few simple tricks to help:

  • Try turning them on and off again (no, really)
  • Switch around the sound boxes inside the ear cushions
  • Ensure the cables are properly inserted (you should feel them click in)
  • Try charging with a different cable

Nobody expects you to be a headphone expert, so if you’re not sure then just get in touch via WhatsApp, email or live chat on our website. And if you do order the wrong part, simply return it and we’ll send a new one.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? You can always email us, call us or send a WhatsApp message (+31636444658), or chat with us on our website.