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For music lover, by music lovers

Gerrard Street was founded in 2015 by Tom Leenders and Dorus Galama.

We met each other while studying industrial design at TU Delft and our subsequent friendship led us to start a company in circular consumer electronics.
Why headphones? Well, we’re both music fanatics and noticed how people were throwing away a lot of earbuds and headphones. Since it’s something we use daily, it wears out fast. But usually the whole thing gets tossed out because of a minor issue such as a broken cable. That just didn’t seem right to us. So we came up with a solution…
Modular headphones as a service! It makes much more sense. It gives us the incentive to create a durable and outstanding product while providing you with exquisite sound at an affordable price! That’s a no-brainer if you ask us…


De muziekrevolutie die plaatsvond op de Gerrard Street

In 1895 the Electrophone was established in London. As one of the world’s first subscription headphones, it made the transmission of music and other entertainment over a telephone line possible, using very sensitive microphones and receivers. This brilliant system caught on. You paid £5 to tune in to the sounds of opera houses and concert halls. It started a revolution in the music industry. Fun fact: Electrophone headphones weren’t for sale – just like us!
To connect to their service, local telephone operators needed to make a connection via special junction to Gerrard Street where the operator plugged into the requested programme. An Electrophone Saloon was provided at Gerrard Street where performances could be listened to in the comfort of an armchair by a fireplace.
As real music lovers we want to bring back the spirit of Gerrard Street with top-notch headphones at a great price. Because you deserve much more than those tinny in-ears!

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