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please don’t go


We are sorry to hear you would like to end your subscription. Not satisfied about the headphones or our service? Do you have some feedback? We would like to know! App, Mail or call us. Maybe we can work something out!Still want to cancel? Please send us back the headphones using the return-form. When we have received your headphones, we will cancel your subscription. We will make sure to recycle and reuse the parts. That way we can turn it into a new pair of headphones.



    Return form

    Download the return form by clicking on this link
    Print it out and stick it on the package.

    Make sure to ship it back as a mailbox package.
    DPD is for most people the cheapest and best solution.
    Please save your proof of shipment, this way you will not be responsible in case something goes wrong.
    When we don’t receive your shipment, and you don’t have any proof of shipment, you will have to pay a fee (the deductibles).

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