Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our service. Is your question not listed here? You can always email us (info@gerrardst.co.uk) or call/WhatsApp us(+31647006223). Or try the chat function on the website!

    Will the headphones ever be mine?

    At Gerrard Street you only pay for usage, it is not possible to buy the headphones. If this were the case, the subscription costs should also have been a lot higher… That is the beauty of our concept! Compare it to Spotify, where you can listen to your heart’s content without owning the music. We do this to remain ownership over all materials and therefore remain responsible for reuse and recycling.

    What kind of audio cable is provided?

    You will receive a Mini-Jack (3.5 mm) cable. The 3.5 mm Jack cable is the industry standard and will fit most devices. If the cable breaks, we will repair and replace it.

    What to do in case something breaks?

    Inform us which module broke via email or the chat widget on our website. If you don’t know exactly what module broke, no worries, we will work it out together! Start a conversation via the chat widget on our website! If you do know which module needs to be replaced, Great! Please login via My Account, you can order your new module here. We will send you the right module by mail within four days! Added you will find a return envelope with which you can return the broken parts for free. Please do this within 14 days.

    What about the old/broken parts?

    If you return your broken module, we always first check whether we can reuse or repair these parts ourselves. We have produced the headphones ourselves so we know exactly how all parts are assembled. If it turns out that a part can no longer be repaired, we keep it, we never throw anything away! As soon as we have collected enough parts, we will recycle them.


    What if my headphones got stolen?

    In the event of theft, you pay a deductible and you must report this to the police. After completing this procedure, we will send you a new pair of headphones. Each year that no claim is made to the theft / loss scheme, the deductible will be reduced by 10 euros until a deductible of £ 0 has been reached. In the event of theft or loss of the headphones, your deductible will be increased by £ 20. The deductible per type of subscription can be found in Table 1.

    Table 1

    DAY £ 40

    BOSS £ 60

    PRINCE £ 80

    When will I receive my headphones?

    If you order now, you will receive them within 2 work days.


    Is it possible to switch to a different model?

    Sure, no problem! You can switch your subscription via My Account. Once switched we will send you the new model and provide you with a return-form for your old headphones. Any credit from your old subscription will (off course) be included!

    How much does it cost?

    You pay monthly or annually for your subscription. All repairs and updates are included within the price! For the DAY you pay £ 7.50 per month or £ 70 annually, for the BOSS you pay £ 10 per month or £ 100 annually.

    How do I end my subscription?


    Select your return option on the return page. Print the return form and send the headphones back to us. We will cancel your subscription as soon as we received your headphones!

    How do the Day and Boss headphones work?

    All info about the BOSS can be found here. All info about the DAY can be found here.

    How do I know which module broke?

    If you are uncertain which part/module broke, please contact us.


    Is my subscription flexible?

    At Gerrard Street your subscription is flexible. A monthly subscription can be cancelled every month, an annual subscription every year. That’s it!

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