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Wireless Headphones

Powerful, comfortable, fully wireless headphones that fit seamlessly into your life, whether on calls, listening to music, or gaming.


High-resolution audio with meticulously fine-tuned dynamic drivers
Connect to all your devices simultaneously with Bluetooth 5.0
Up to 40-hour battery life with fast charging
Hands-free calling and voice assistant enabled


Built for comfort and convenience, BOSS delivers powerful sound in a fully modular frame that means no amount of damage is irreparable. Feed your inner boss with unlimited repairs.

unlimited repairs

Had a little accident? No worries. Got some wear and tear? We’ve got your back. Simply order a replacement part for free via your account and it’ll arrive the next day. Send us the old part back, and that’s it. Free repairs forever, and ever, and ever and…

Get your wireless groove on for up to 40 hours

With up to 40 hours of solid wireless playtime, you can stop worrying about your headphones dying on you when you need them. Connect seamlessly via Bluetooth, and away you go.

Empty battery? The jack has got your back

BOSS comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack that’ll never let you down. For when you’re out and about without a charger, or just feel like plugging in.

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Fast charging via USB-C

With fast charging, you’ll never have to go long without music. 5 minutes is all you need for 2 hours of listening. Out and about without a charger? No stress, the audio jack always works.

Take and make calls with ease

What’s more annoying than a phone call when you’re zoning out to music? Having to disconnect your headphones to take it. With an inbuilt microphone, BOSS lets you call handsfree. Like, uh, a boss.


Looking to geek out over the specs? Say no more:

  • 40mm, 32ohm mylar high-end speakers
  • Frequency range of 10hz – 20Khz
  • 93db or 1Khz sensitivity
  • Designed for mobile use
  • Bluetooth V5.0 
  • Playtime at least 40 hours

In stock

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What's in the box

2x ear cushions
2x soundboxes
1x head cushion
1x headband

2x knobs

1x 3,5mm mini-jack

1x USB-C cable

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