Our Story

Why our headphones are not for sale

Gerrard Street was founded in 2015 by Tom Leenders and Dorus Galama.

We live in a disposable economy. Every year we throw away 40 million tons of electronics. Often with minor damage and full of valuable, still usable materials, which are now mainly shipped to developing countries where they are burned. At the end of our study at Delft University of Technology, we started Gerrard Street, Because we thought that it could be done differently, smarter and better for the world. And that’s why we came up with the idea of creating worlds first circular headphones.

We designed a fully modular system, all the parts can be easily (dis)assembled by hand, no tools acquired! They are incredibly easy to repair. When your headphones break, you don’t throw them away anymore. You just simply replace the old module for a new one. We take back the broken and used parts for re-use, repair and recycling. This provides you with the guarantee of always having a perfectly working pair of headphones. While we on the other hand have the incentive to design a durable and high quality product. We think this is the way all electronic devices should be designed!

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